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I have joined the Fergus(s)on DNA project on Family Tree DNA.  After about six months some new cousins have been found. 

It has connected with John FERGUSON b. 1778 raised in NC; m1st Susan ASHBY; m2nd Mary KIRKMAN formerly SULLIVAN.  There was a 37 out of 37 marker match, this could indicate that this John Ferguson line and my line Peter Ferguson had a brother connection here or one generation back.  Very interesting to say the least. 

I have made contact with another cousin who lives in Seattle, Washington.  Their records appear to indicate John Ferguson who married Susan Ashby and Mary Kirkman was born in NC.  His father John Ferguson immigrated around 1754.  I will post more as more is found out.

The Fergus(s)on project is for Y-chromosome testing.  I have also submitted mtDNA testing which follows the maternal line.  I have yet to make any connections there yet.

I have been viewing microfilm of Christenings and Marriages from Callander, Scotland.  It appears they used an unusual  spelling for Ferguson, they spelled it Fergufson.  When IGI transcribed this information they interpreted it to be a second (s) with a spelling for Ferguson as Fergusson.  The microfilm clearly shows that it is an (f) not an (s).

I found this while I was trying to find information on possible parents of Peter Ferguson.  My cousin from Canada, Kevin Ferguson had provided me information that the possible parents were Alexander Ferguson and Jean Cameron.  I was looking to see if they had both a Peter and John Ferguson looking for the DNA connection.  All I could find was they had a son called Peter.  I then decided to look at the at the alternate spelling for Fergusson with two (s).  That is when I found a Alexander Fergusson and Jean Cameron had a son and a daughter names Janet and John Fergusson.  These were the last two children born.

I will post more updates later.




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