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Ferguson Goedert Parsons Arensdorf Military Service Family History and Stories Who I am Looking For


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Most of this information came from my aunt Estella Schnase and Aunt Esther Goedert.

Nickolaus Goedert born August 18, 1811 in Luxembourg.  Died December 23, 1888 in Roseland, Nebraska.  Married Mary Siren born July 04, 1814 in Luxembourg.  Died in 1894, in Roseland, Nebraska.  They had at least 1 son.

Nickolaus Goedert II born January 12, 1840 in Luxembourg.  Died March 22, 1893 in Juniata, Nebraska.  Married Anna Adams born November 26, 1846 in Kehlen, Kapellan, Luxembourg.  Died December 07, 1907 in Juniata, Nebraska.  They were married February 26, 1867 in St. Catherine Catholic Church Rural Route 3, Dubuque, Iowa.  The had six children.  Nickolaus was in Company D 2nd Regiment, Iowa Volunteers Infantry during the civil war. This is my line continued below.

The Children of Nickolaus Goedert and Anna Adams:

John D. Goedert born February 22, 1871.  Died December 06, 1962.  Married Rebecca born May 03, 1880.  Died September 03, 1970.

Susan Goedert born January 03, 1874.  Died April 09, 1937.  Married John P. Kirchen.

Nicholaus Goedert III born January 03, 1876.  Died September 18, 1954.  Married Susie Managers born June 27, 1881.  Died September 24, 1967.

Henry Joseph Goedert born June 10, 1877.  Died April 02, 1966.  Married Katharine Consbruck born April 01, 1878.  Died August 16, 1966.  They were married on September 02, 1902.

Mathias J. Goedert born May 04, 1886 in Roseland, Nebraska.  Died April 17, 1954, in Fort Morgan, Colorado.  Married Mayme Zubrod born January 1886.

Peter Paul Goedert born January 26, 1880 in Roseland, Nebraska.  Died January 31, 1954 in Hastings, Nebraska.  Married Josephine Arensdorf born August 06, 1885 in St. Donatus, Iowa.  Died April 05, 1957.  They were married January 19, 1904.  This is my line continued below.

The Children of Peter Paul Goedert and Josephine Arensdorf:

Estella Susanna Goedert born October 20, 1904 in Hastings, Nebraska.  Died July 1987 in Santa Monica, California.  Married Carl Julius Schnase born April 03, 1900.  Died June 11, 1988 in Santa Monica, California.  They were married May 11, 1922.

Bertha Anna Goedert born April 29, 1906 in Roseland, Nebraska.  Died April 01, 1985 in Hastings, Adams Co. Nebraska.  Married Edward Albert Schnase born January 16, 1902 in Blue Hill, Nebraska.  Died June 24, 1979 in Hastings, Adams Co. Nebraska.  They were married June 15, 1922 at Courthouse, Adams County, Nebraska.

Theresa Emma Goedert born March 17, 1908 in Holstein in Adams Co. Nebraska.  Died March 20, 1994 in Los Angeles, California.  Married Henry Frederick Ferguson born August 18, 1913 in Avr in Adams Co. Nebraska.  Died September 06, 1999 in Gonzales, Louisiana.  They were married April 18, 1936 in Grand Island, Nebraska.  This is my line continued below.

Evelyn Susanna Goedert born June 28, 1914 in Roseland, Nebraska.  Died April 1985 in Kimball, Nebraska.  First marriage to Vernon Wheeland born 1912. died January 03, 1976 in Laramie, Wyoming.  They were married June 21, 1932.  Second husband, Alvin B. Holland born January 10, 1915 in Texas.  Died March 26, 1991 in Kimball, Nebraska.

Harold Joseph Goedert born February 16, 1920.  Died March 17, 2002 in Denver, Adams, Colorado.  Married Eileen D. Hunt.

Earl Peter Goedert born January 31, 1924 in Hastings, Adams Co. Nebraska. Died November 30, 1998 in Hastings, Adams Co. Nebraska.  Married Esther Elizabeth Mangers born October 14, 1922 in Juniata, Nebraska.

Maurice B. Goedert April 16, 1926 in Hastings, Adams Co. Nebraska.  Died 1965.  Married Evelyn Ruth Peterson born June 12, 1926 in Juniata, Nebraska.

Mary Ellen Goedert born April 07, 1928, Died April 10, 1928.

The Children of Theresa Emma Goedert and Henry Frederick Ferguson:

Janice Kay Ferguson

Henry James Ferguson

Eugene Dale Ferguson



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